Why ReaktorX?

We thought that the current acceleration model is broken.

So we started asking founders what exactly they would expect from an acceleration program.
We collected feedback from former cohorts, serial entrepreneurs, total beginners and early-stage founders and crafted the format you see today. We are aware however that it's not perfect and we strive to improve with every cohort that takes part in our accelerator.
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Global mindset

We support startups that plan to take over the world and put no limits to their ambition.

Power of network

We strongly believe that your network is your net worth, so we'll help you expand it.

Only the best

We only select a few startups from the entire CEE region to support and accelerate.

We don't like BS

We don't hide behind big words or processes and we tell you our thoughts with no filter.

2X speed

Pace of growth is a key metric we track and enhance through the program.

Personalized process

Each startup has different needs, so we let you pick and choose how we help yours.

Agenda for 2022-2023 ReaktorX

Want to know the exact details of our SAFE Agreement? Here is the model we use for all startups that participate in ReaktorX.