About us

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, founders and investors who want to transform the CEE region into a breeding land for unicorns in the next few years.

We do this by setting realistic expectations and audacious goals, all while helping startups strategize on how to take over the world.


ReaktorX’s mission is to guide founders to grow their businesses in order to achieve the next funding goal and prove they are a good investment.

We believe that ReaktorX is the best way to start your journey as an entrepreneur.


Our focus is on enabling you to think big and get ready for the challenges ahead from a realistic perspective, where we don’t sugarcoat things.

Our Values

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We want to bring onboard people who dream and think big to help them act big and reach their goals. Ambition is a core driver for us.

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We want to be direct and honest with our participants and with people who apply. They should know exactly what they’re getting.

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We enable people in the accelerator to grow at their own pace and with their own process. Making progress is key.

The team

Supported by

SMOK is one of the leading VC funds in CEE investing in entrepreneurs with a global vision.

Creative Motion is a startup studio focused on high-impact startups based in Bucharest.

Vestbee is the leading matchmaking platform for startups and investors in CEE.

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