Exit from WANNA (sold to Farfetch for 29.4M $) – Business Development Expert. I’m an experienced founder with a background in Bizdev/Product/Operations/Fundraising. My journey has been rocky — I’ve had both successes and failures along the road, and I loved it (kidding). My biggest achievement is that I’ve been a part of the founding team at WANNA, an AR Try-On startup, which got acquired by Farfetch (one of the first clients I landed, BTW!) in 2022, marking my first exit. All in all, I worked in both B2C and B2B, built and grew mobiles apps, web apps and SaaSes. – I’m especially passionate about the way machine learning (AI) is sneaking into various JTBD (jobs to be done). I’ve started working on ML projects long before the current hype (2018) and am very excited about the way this new GenAI wave is enhancing the rate of progress. – For the last year or so I’ve been in what entrepreneurs call the “in-between stage” — enjoying life, always running an experiment or two with various partners, and helping other founders with what I know best. Recently I’ve started a community — FundraisingHackers.com, where I help early-stage founders with their fundraising, and has been really enjoying it so far, so expect more on this front.

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