Lead mentors work with ReaktorX startups daily (each startups is assigned one of the mentors to be their lead) while adhoc mentors meet with ReaktorX startups during multiple pre-arranged one-on-one sessions during the program.

SportsTech mentors

  • Sebastian Uprimny – Colombian winter Olympian, a cross-country skier. He competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Board Member of his National Athletes Commission and World Olympian Association. Currently involved in creating a global sports accelerator.
  • Pita Nikolas Taufatoufa – A Tongan taekwondo practitioner, cross-country skier and canoeist of Australian descent. Two-time Olympian (2016 and 2018), participant in the world championships in classic skiing (2017) and canoeing (2019).
  • Sophie Edington – Australian backstroke and freestyle swimmer. A gold medalist of 2005 World Aquatics Championships in Montreal and 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and 2010 Commonwealth in Delhi. She also set a world record for the 50-metre backstroke at the 2008 Australian Olympic Trials
  • Mikko Perala – Co-Owner, Honorary President & Director of International Partnerships at JS Hercules. He builds the club as a platform for the community to innovate, experiment, do business and spread goodwill on.
  • Roger Hacker -Manager of communications for all corporate enterprises related to the 49ers, Levi’s Stadium and 49ers Enterprises, providing media strategy and coordination for key organizational business initiatives and non-49ers events, including the Redbox Bowl.

Lead mentors

  • Michał Jaskólski – Co-founder at Nokaut, took Morizon to IPO in 2017
  • Ola Lazar – Entrepreneur, expert in food & nuitrition. Co-founder and CEO at Gastronauci, sold to Zomato
  • Paweł Zylm – Early Stage Investor & Entrepreneur focused on investing in start-ups and helping them to grow. Manager in the financial industry with experience of working in consulting.
  • Monika Zochowska – Co-founder at GLOV
  • Przemek Jurek – Co-founder of Lavito (sold to Booksy)
  • Leszek Wolany – Former CIO at Coders Lab now Managing Director at Juice Sound.
  • Rudradeb Mitra – serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, ex AI researcher
  • Zbyszek Łukasiak – Worked in many startups in Poland and abroad, programmer turned investor
  • Max Salamonowicz – Co-founder and CTO of ACR Systems, crowdfunding expert
  • Hussein Kanji – American venture capitalist focused on European tech, part of London-based Hoxton Ventures, investors in unicorns Deliveroo and Babylon Health
  • Michał Mroczkowski – investor at Market One Capital
  • Mateusz Nowak – Partner at Mazovia Capital,
    Responsible for growing VC arm of the business
  • Dorota Wieczorek – Expert in operational management, HR, controlling, improving business models, and professionalizing companies
  • Rysiek Szopa – Startup investor with a tech background. Very interested in deep tech, especially AI.
  • Robert Kowalski – Stanford graduate, serial entrepreneur, experienced in public and private sectors
  • Krzysztof Urbański – Broad experience in UX | information architecture, interaction design, communication design and usability
  • Małgorzata Warda – Business strategy consultant with over 20 years of business experience in sames, marketing & general management.
  • Piotr Pawlak – Founder of KINETISE
  • Bartosz Duchiński – Founder of MU Group, CEO MU Interactive, expert in software engineering, marketing and business planning.
  • Tomasz Ciamulski – high-tech investor & inventor
  • Maksim Artyomenko – CEO at X100Lab, ReaktorX graduate
  • Kacper Wikieł – founder and CEO at GetLine, blockchain guru, ReaktorX graduate
  • Magdalena Olczak – Startup ecosystem and VC expert, experienced manager
  • Zbigniew Łukasiak – Programmer, Bitcoin aficionado, angel investor
  • Jerzy Kurgan – Innovation Specialist experienced in Aviva, Poczta Polska, Polkomtel & Netia
  • Magda Posłuszny – investor at Speedinvest, is ex-founder and an operator
  • Uldis Leiterts, co-founder at Infogram (sold to Prezi), serial founder and designer from Latvia
  • Michał Turski – Strategy, growth, new ventures and startups for General Manager Poland at Mastercard Europe.
  • Khachatur Grigorian – Serial entrepreneur, co-founded ggTaxi, an Armenian answer to Uber, now operating in Armenia, Geaoria, Russia and Iran
  • Greg Albrecht – HR Consulting · Business Consulting · Management Consulting
  • Marek Blizco – ex-Google, Sales Lead with numerous records of building large teams in 10 markets across 3 continents. Entrepreneur, scaleups and investment advisor
  • David Bizer  who worked with Marc Andreessen at Netscape and was the first Google recruiter in Europe
  • Tom Karwatka – founder and CEO at Divante, one of the biggest ecommerce shops in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Łukasz Adziński co-founder of Nasza Klasa (sold to Naspers), once the biggest social networking platform in CEE, now CEO at Picadilla – a free to play gaming platform based in Wrocław.
  • Paweł Kopiński ex Head of PR & Marketing at Techland, responsible for the success of Dying Light, one of the top grossing premium games, currently co-founder at Superbright, a VR gaming studio that cooperates with Google, Oculus and Sony.

Adhoc mentors

  • Paul Bragiel – American VC and angel investor with Uber, Unity and Angel List + 250 other startups in his portfolio
  • Zoltan Vardy – Creator of The Launch Code
  • Mariusz Gralewski – CEO at Docplanner, angel investor
  • Marcin Stefaniak – Co-founder and CEO at InvoiceOcean, Sugester
  • Wojtek Sobczuk – entrepreneur, multi-time technical founder, startup investor, advisor, and innovator in technology. Founder of
  • Paweł Sieczkiewicz – CEO at, former kickboxing champion
  • Łukasz Młodyszewski – CEO at DreamJay, Singularity University graduate
  • Tomasz Kolinko – Co-founder at, blockchain expert and angel investor
  • Ola Jarośkiewicz – Head of Digital at Connectis_, previously co-founder at Fun in Design
  • Filip Dębowski – Startup & Innovation Expert
  • Paweł Surgiel – CEO @ BIVROST – VR Video Technologies
  • Łukasz Anwajler – Founder at App’n’roll, programmer, venture builder, helped build Foap and Survicate
  • Michał Olszewski – Innovation Specialist, lead mentor at IMPACT_POLAND, ex Agora
  • Robert Krajewski – CEO at Ideamotive, software house
  • Rafał Plutecki – former Head of Campus Warsaw, serial founder and angel investor
  • Tomek Bednarski – Chief Strategy and Product Officer at VR TierOne | CEO at Guarana Biznes | CFO at PLUGin
  • Kamil Tatol – UX/UI & Product Designer
  • Paweł Przybyszewski – Technology Broker – startup acceleration, technology transfer, financing innovation.
  • Maciej Plichta – Sourcing and Growth Manager for CEE at innogy Innovation Hub
  • Michał Chromiński -Management consultant, Investment banker and corporate strategist during the journey to become a venture capitalist.
  • Paweł Świst – Experienced Enterpreneur and Manager, director responsible for business development, clients, relationships and on going management of the company.
  • Piotr Boulange – StartUp Advisor and Coworking Expert, Director at Founder Institute Warsaw
  • Bartosz Duchiński – Founder of MU Group, CEO MU Interactive, expert in software engineering, marketing and business planning.

Customers – pre and post sales

  • Bartosz Duchiński – Founder of MU Group, CEO MU Interactive, expert in software engineering, marketing and business planning.

Lean Canvas

Ideation and product strategy

  • Sargheve Sukumaran – Expert in Design, Technology, and Business, focusing on creating larger Impact, revenue, and unique experiences.

Pitching and public speaking  

  • Agata Kwaśniewska – Manager at ReaktorWarsaw. Founder of Not Random Art, the contemporary art review. Psychologist, yogi


  • Tomasz Bednarski – cost and cash flow management specialist. EU funding expert at Guarana Biznes.

Financial Reporting, Accounting & Taxation

  • Dariusz Landsberg, ACCA – Managing Director at Genprox – accounting firm specialised in VC funds and Startups


Legal stuff

PR & Marketing

  • John Biggs – Entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and maker.
  • Marcin Sierant – Communications professional with experience in building brands of tech ventures and products.

How to talk with investors

  • Marcin Zabielski – Managing Partner at Hedgehog Fund, co-founder at