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These are not the startups we are looking for...


ReaktorX is an acceleration program for CEE founders in their first year of activity. The program is created and supported by SMOK Ventures, Creative Motion and Vestbee.

Any founder from Europe or CEE region with a startup in its early stages. What does early stage mean? You either have a MVP, some validation (either through traction or research), or a validated model in other markets. At this stage, we care more about the team than anything else, so in your application please tell us more about your team structure.

Scroll to the top of the page and click Apply.

Take your startup through validation, product-market fit, go-to-market strategy and more and get you ready for your first investment round.

ReaktorX crew reviews the applications and startups that make it to stage two are notified via email. Calls are scheduled with all the teams and final decisions are announced before the program starts.

Once you are accepted, you will be assigned your own private lead mentor who will help you develop your product on a weekly basis. 
During the last week of the program, we are going to organize ReaktorX Demo Day where each graduate will pitch their startups to investors, journalists and fellow founders.

Except experts, helpers and mentors we also provide a growing database of courses, books, videos, templates (especially financial ones) and software tools to make your journey clearer.

That’s entirely up to you. We are going to introduce you to programs, business angels and VC’s who can help you with your next next steps.

Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs hand-picked by the ReaktorX crew.

In short: based on skills, startup requirements and personality match.

We believe that by taking equity, we will be able to filter out people who are not thinking seriously about their business. Building a company is hard work and a huge commitment. We need to be sure you are serious. Taking equity also helps with your evaluation, having your startup evaluated at 500K EUR from the first year.


What is of equal importance, ReaktorX is a private acceleration program not funded by the European Union, PARP or any other public institution. We are proud to be independent. Because of that we can focus only on the important stuff like getting you though customer development, your MVP, towards a scalable business model and funding to secure future growth of your startup. No paperwork bullsh*t, only hard work on your company matters.

We organize two batches a year, usually one starts in February and ends in May and the second one starts in September and ends in November.

If you're still not convinced, ask yourself these questions:

Am I ready to spend every day (including weekends) thinking about and working on my startup?
Would I still be working on my startup if I didn’t get into ReaktorX?
Do I want to spend the next 3-5 years building the startup I’m working on right now?
Am I ready to fail?

If the answer to all of those questions was yes, see you in ReaktorX!