From Idea To First Funding
Batch 7


Secretum is a cloud based solution dedicated to help organizations to identify personal data incidents, centrally manage them, automate tasks, and maintain records for compliance and audit purposes. It also helps to rapidly respond to incidents and enhance breach notification decision-making.


Aleksandra Danielewicz

trained advocate, privacy lawyer and data protection expert, led numerous GDPR and global privacy initiatives and programs, managed global privacy teams and provided advisory services to DPOs

Simone Dalle Nogare

holds a Master in Management from VUB in Brussels and a Master and a Bachelor in Philosophy from Università degli Studi di Verona


Deploysphere is a Swiss-Army Knife of Software Delivery. It integrates and aggregates information from all types of tools used when building large scale IT systems.

Using single web application our users can: bootstrap new services from predefined templates; deploy them on environments; create and approve production releases; proactively monitor system status. Our solution is meant to be used by everyone involved in the software delivery process - from developers, through IT managers to business stakeholders.


Tomasz Krzyżak

General Business, DevOps, IT Management • IT Strategy • IT Operations

Łukasz Fiszer

Full Stack Dev, Frontend Software Engineer and Lead with 7 years of experience

Jan Folfas

Full Stack Dev, DevOps, Back End Dev, General Engineer, Software Engineering, Java, Continuous Integration, runs his hotel in the Mountains (cool imo)


Testiga is an online pre-employment assessment platform that helps SMEs improve the quality of their recruiting process for non-technical roles with customized assessment tests that are generated automatically based on the job requirements. All HR people or hiring managers need to do is to indicate which hard skills are required and the platform will select adequate tasks matching their difficulty level and length to the recruitment stage, the level of the position and required experience.


Paulina Wardęga

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Expert, 10+ Years of International Experience, Spanish Market Consultant


P2P carsharing for CEE countries. It's service allowing rental of private vehicles. Cars are not sustainable and a lot of them are underutilized. With P2P car sharing people will rent vehicles from their neighborhoods and owners of private vehicles will make money on their so far underutilized vehicles.


Kamil Skarżyńsk

CEO, 3rd year International Business student at University of Gdansk

Michał Suchocki

Design, UI, UX, Master student of Sustainable Design in Copenhagen. Experience in product design

Szymon Gabryel

CTO, bachelor student of IT in Copenhagen, currently working as IT support, specializes in development of apps for android.


GastroJob is a modern app for employers and employees and very easy to use web app for quick and efficient recruitment in HoReCa sector. App is free of charge. An employer saves time, publishes an offer and pays only the success fee. An employee improves skills and qualifications, applies for hot and interesting offers and has an opportunity to win valuable prizes.

After an employer and employee match, they can chat via app and agree on details of the job. Mc’Donalds, Krowarzywa, Tapas Bar, DoCo Poland are only a few of our customers. GastroJob was mentioned on the Polish Map of startups 2019 as a gig app.


Antoine Azaïs

has great experience as a manager of restaruants, hold bachelor’s degree in sociology

Magdalena Kuratowska


AIRneatly solves the problem of incomplete and insufficient information about invisible pollution in the air, mainly smog and gases. AIRneatly provides complex and the most adequate information about the invisible danger in the air - the maximum amount of data with minimum customer effort, based on which there are possibilities to monitor and analyze a situation, recommend action, control of systems. The solution may be used autonomously as a separate mobile device or build in any outdoor and indoor devices.


Jagoda Lazarek

Design of Experiments • Artificial Intelligence • Innovative Design • Innovation Development, PhD in Computer Science and I am image recognition and data analysis researcher with software development expertise and experience in biomedical and industrial applications


Hashiona is an all-in-one platform for patients struggling with Hashimoto and/or hypothyroid. We educate, allow you to self-track your symptoms & connect you with specialists via telemedicine. Using our AI engine, we suggest what lifestyle habits & supplements you should change to get you back on track and maintain your life balance.


Ewa Galant

General Business, Operations, have launched WeWork in both Poland and Western Australia.

Konrad Koniarski

UI/UX Design, Back End Dev, General Engineer, Mobile Dev,Marketing, General Business, Sales/Bus Dev, Product, created mobile apps for brands like Formula 1, Samsung, Royal Bank of Scotland, Utilita Energy, Monetize

Epoch media

Epoch Media wants to create a variety of interconnected media ranging from video games, comics, and shows. The First Project is called Pensions. Pensions is a 3 rd person stealth action game based in the state of Oklahoma. The state’s budget is being overran and, in the red., A mysterious organization in the shadows keen on balancing the state’s budget does it in a violent way: take out pensioners.


Jeffery Thompson

has had a startup in Silicon Valley and worked at business development at a few startups

Futuresalt Entertainment

Game studio that comprehensively produces logic games for the most popular platforms in many categories: logical, adventure, adventure action with elements of science but always of an ecological nature, either through functions or cooperation with organizations. First product, the Matches Cup game, which consists of replacing matches so that the mathematical equation is correct, is ready and will debut on the market in April 2020.


Beata Klejnberg

A specialist in mathematics

Monika Poniatowska

marketing and product owner specialist, worked for MasterCard

Łukasz Klejnebrg

former leader in a fintech product in Billenium, former mobile developer at Gadau-Gadu

Przemysław Kozera

PR specialists

Przemysław Jarosz

senior developer

Piotr Grzywacz

senior designer


Mobile App and Marketplace for instant, visual search experience in fashion sector. Fashion vendors: generate new revenue stream on Snapsh Marketplace and increase conversion rate thanks to the precise, visual recommendation of your products to the consumer’s desired style. Consumers: Find clothes and shoes in your desired style faster than in google.


Grzegorz Palmer

Entrepreneur and Software Engineer – 12 years of experience in software development and developers team management, Co-owner Seemore Sp. z o.o., Owner Lobo Solutions. Formerly IT service delivery coordinator and .NET developer

Tomasz Bąkowski

Entrepreneur and Innovation Manager – 10 years of experience in leading innovation and mostly digital products market validation, owner at Bainworx Innovation Consulting, Senior Product Manager at Innovatika, former digital transformation lead and Project Manager


dealbot is a smart chatbot technology that through advanced algorithms understands and then recommends each customer tailored-made offers. It is also clever enough to answer the most frequent questions related to purchase or even go offtopic using natural language processing. Our goal is to deliver the best personalised shopping experience through messengers. We are aiming at boosting online stores' purchase conversion.


Piotr Radziwon

Product, Strategy, helped small startups as well as big players like PlayStation, Electronic Arts, Bundesliga, Highland Global Transport

Łukasz Leśko

Software developer, software architect, Product Owner, Scrum Master, IT Lead, worked for for brands such as Mobile Vikings, Orange, Millenium Bank, Tesco, Credit Agricole, Starbucks, KFC, PIzza Hut

Michał Szydło

Data analytics, worked for Decathlon, Ryanair, Ringier Axel Springer Group, Limango (Otto group) and Plus GSM.


Ecommerce company - an online store that would cooperate with many foreign producers of gymwear products. ( We want to have our own warehouses in Poland (which guarantees fast, free delivery, safe returns and no worries related to paperwork) - working with fulfillment services and companies. We would give the Polish community access to brands that are so popular in the world. Through social media, the desire to have these products is increasing day by day.


Adrianna Żuchowska

student, Financial, Marketing, UI/UX Design

Natalia Habrat

student, Sales/Bus Dev, General Business, DevOps

ul. Bohomolca 15, 01-613 Warsaw, Poland

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