What is ReaktorX

ReaktorX is a pre-acceleration programme for first time founders.

How can I apply?

The second batch is planned for October-December 2017 and the applications are open.

For whom?

  • For industry experts looking to start their first company.
  • For ambitious students with entrepreneurial mindset.
  • For anyone with an idea and a strong will to make it happen.

What is the aim of the program?

Take your startup from idea stage through customer development to the first version of the product (MVP), ready for first customers and / or first investor funding.

How does the application process look like?

Applications for next batch will be announced in July 2017. Reaktor crew reviews the applications and startups that make it to stage two are notified via email. Hangouts are scheduled with all the teams and final decisions are announced before the programme starts.

What’s going to happen during the programme?

Once you are accepted, you will be assigned your own private mentor who will help you develop your product on a weekly basis. Even though you will have one own mentor, you will also talk to other mentors during the pitch and networking events.
We will be holding a series of events, mentoring sessions and workshops for you twice a week.
During the last week of the programme, we are going to organize ReaktorX Demo Day where each graduate will pitch their startups to investors, journalists and fellow founders.
Summing up:

  • Workshops once a week for the duration of the programme (10 workshops)
  • Networking events with developers, designers, marketers and mentors
  • Sessions with your 1-1 mentor at least once in a two weeks (at least 5 sessions)
  • Mentoring sessions with Reaktor mentors (independent of your 1-1 mentor)
  • Pitching sessions
  • Demo day with pitch contest in front of top investors, journalists, influencers. Check out the pictures from the first Demo Night!
  • Winners of demo day pitch at OpenReaktor and have a chance for up to 100k EUR funding.

What are the workshops on?

  • customer development
  • lean canvas
  • product research
  • pitching
  • attracting customers
  • legal stuff
  • marketing and PR
  • hiring and managing the team
  • preparing to meetings with investors

How long will the programme last?

10 weeks.

Do I need to quit my job to be part of ReaktorX?

You don’t. But you should. Even though it’s recommended to focus fully on your startup during the acceleration, we understand it might be too early to quit your regular job at this stage. That’s why most of the ReaktorX events are held either in the evening or during weekends, so you should be fine if you are aiming to study or work during the programme. Just assume no free time during those 10 weeks and weekends busy with work! And yes, we are dead serious here.

What will happen after I graduate?

We are going to introduce our graduates to accelerators, business angels and investors helping them with the next step of the startup journey.

The best graduates will present their startups at OpenReaktor.

The graduates of Winter 2017 batch have raised 1.5 million PLN to date.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs hand-picked by the Reaktor crew.

Who are the graduates?

Here are the startups who graduated ReaktorX Winter 2017 batch. Two startups, namely Getline and Sum The Sun were able to raise seed funding during the first few months after the programme. Boson Identities (currently funded by Huge Thing) is another startup that resulted from ReaktorX first batch by connecting two of the ReaktorX startup founders into one team. Some others like Evibrave have a nice traction and are on a good path to close their first round of finance.

Are you providing office space?

You will have full access to Reaktor as a resident of the co-working space for the duration of the programme. Even though it’s not obligatory to work from Reaktor, we strongly encourage you to use that opportunity as much as you can.

What is the fee for taking part in the programme?

The fee ranges from 0 PLN to 2000 PLN + VAT, depending on how much shares are you willing to give up.

Why are you charging startups?

We believe that by charging each startup a minimal amount for the programme, we will be able to filter out people who are not thinking seriously about their business. Building a company is hard work and a huge commitment. We need to be sure you are serious.

Do you take equity in my startup?

Yes. The programme is run on break even, but we truly believe in our startups, so we need to make sure we have a share in their eventual success.

The amount of shares we ask for ranges from 1% to 4% depending on your cash contribution and stage of your startup.

Additionally, you will be asked to grant 1% of your equity to your 1-1 mentor and future advisor.


If you have any more questions, email us at reaktor@reaktorwarsaw.com